Traditional Sugaring Hair Removal

What is Traditional Sugaring Hair Removal?

Traditional Sugaring hair removal is  done using a paste made from 100% natural
ingredients, hand applied in the direction of hair growth to remove hair in the direction it grows naturally, leading to less irritation, breakage, ingrown hairs. With less breakage your results can last longer than a typical wax and give you smoother results for longer.


Traditional Sugaring Hair Removal Demonstration

Common Questions?

Length of hair? Hair can be extracted as short as 4-7 days after shaving or 0.5mm.
Can it lead to a reduction in hair? Yes as it can damage the hair follicle
over time which reduces blood flow to the follacle and in turn reduces hair growth.
Will it reduce ingrown hairs? Yes as it removes hair in its natural
direction and as such the hair won’t grow back into the skin rather it will
grow back out naturally through the pore.

Before Your Sugar Hair Removal

Grow hair out to 1/2 cm or longer.

Do NOT trim the hairs.

Exfoliate 24 hours before your appointment.

Wear Loose Clothing.

If sensitive to pain take a painkiller ONE hour before appointment.

Avoid – Exercising, alcohol, caffeine, energy drinks as this will affect pain tolerance and blood flow.

During Your Sugar Hair Removal

We will discuss with you any concerns or conditions that may affect your treatment. If any hairs remain after the sugaring we will remove them using tweezers. 

After Your Sugar Hair Removal

Follow up with your next treatment in 3-6 weeks.

Moisturise skin daily.

Exfoliate Regularly (1-2 times a week) using an exfoliating mitt (washable or replace regularly) or body brush.

Avoid picking at any ingrown hairs (we will remove them during your next visit)

No tanning beds, saunas or steam rooms, hot tubs, lake swims, exercise or sexual activity for 24 hours after due to risk of infection as the follacles are open.