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Why trust waxing Adelaide with your hair removal needs? Its simple, hair removal is our passion and we love what we do, as such we are Always trying to improve our technique and aim for the best treatment possible for every guest that passes through our doors.

Whenever I’ve had waxing done I’ve always been frustrated a few days later when i found hairs stuck under the skin from a rushed wax, there are a few odd exceptions and those cases are usually when the therapist truly loves what they are doing and takes the time to do the job correctly even if it is a quick wax.

Those are the waxes we all truly love aren’t they? the ones where you can walk out thinking the therapist truly took the time to make sure you got the best treatment possible, the least pain possible and had an overall enjoyable service or as enjoyable as a wax service can be tongue-out

EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE in your hair removal by getting a wax at Waxing Adelaide AU. We tailor every wax to your unique needs as opposed to using the same wax for everyone and every area.

Free up precious time from your day, skip the razor and book an appointment to feel SMOOTHER SKIN LONGER


“That was the least painful wax ive ever had”


“Your so thorough, I love that you took the time to remove all the hairs the wax cant pick up and deal with the ingrown Hairs”