About Us

Welcome to Waxing Adelaide

Tiffany from Waxing Adelaide AU is a hair removal specialist. Working within a home based beauty salon, she is fully qualified.
Tiffany prides herself on her dedication to continued education regarding hair removal and is continually expanding her skill set to give you the best possible treatment.
Open by appointment only.

Our Story

Beginning her career within a large franchise day spa. Tiffany gained key experience in the beauty world. 

Along with this  she became a skin expert for a world renowned facial brand.

Thus giving her a high level of insight into the skin, its behaviour and customisation of the entire facial process.

After leaving the day spa she moved to a small hair salon where she worked as the only beauty therapist. 

During this time she was pregnant and expecting her first child. 

When the salon closed midway through her pregnancy she decided to follow her dream of owning her own business and being able to stay home.

From there Waxing Adelaide AU was born.

During the early months there was no true mission or goal for the business other than being able to be home with her baby. 

Once her daughter was born, her vision for the business became clear. She wanted Waxing Adelaide AU to offer amazing results for every client that walked through the door.  

But amazing results weren’t enough for her.

She wanted to use the knowledge she had gained over her years in the industry and thus the customised waxing treatments were born.  

Now she offers an exclusive treatment to each client as opposed to the typical cookie cutter wax that is normally offered, where every client has the same wax used.

Using her extensive knowledge of the skin and hairs she realised that one wax does not suit all skin types, conditions or hairs.