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Professional convenient waxing

Adelaide Waxing Specialist

We specialise in bespoke waxing hair removal and traditional sugaring hair removal.

We are Located in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide. Because of our location we are easy to access. Plus without having to deal with busy shopping centres and car parks.

Contact us to book in a time. Because YOU can experience the difference of a hair removal service with Waxing Adelaide AU.

“That was the least painful wax I’ve ever had”.


“Your so thorough. I love that you took the time to remove all the hairs the wax can’t pick up. Plus also deal with the ingrown Hairs”.


Traditional Sugaring Adelaide

Sugaring allows you to have your hair removal done with hairs as short at 0.5mm.

Sugar paste is made from 100% natural ingredients.

Because of the technique sugaring leads to less irritation, breakage and ingrown hairs.

And so a result most people who try sugaring hair removal rarely go back to waxing.

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Bespoke Waxing Adelaide

At Waxing Adelaide AU we fully customise your entire waxing treatment.

From the wax we use in addition to aftercare we apply. Plus as a result this ensures you get the most comfortable treatment.

We also pride ourselves on our continuous education regarding waxing hair removal, and the techniques involved.

Above all this gives YOU the best results.

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